Our emphasis is on maximizing the customer’s control system, which results in reduced energy consumption, improved product quality control, increased product recovery and significant additional benefits. ProSys’ specialized process control applications help with achieving a more profitable plant operation. Our alarm management solutions dynamically configure the control system, enabling the operator to focus on the task at hand which reduces time in abnormal situations. Our operator interface provides a clear and accurate view of the control system.

  • AgileOps - applications that provide consistency and reliability to the system by keeping it optimally configured for the process state; including alarm system design, dynamic alarming and alarm shelving 
  • Dynamic Configuration Software - the most widely used real-time dynamic alarm management software worldwide for TPS/TDC3000
  • Interface Dynamics - human machine interface that provides a clearer, more accurate and more reliable view of the control system for operators
  • Control Dynamics - basic control templates and advanced algorithms that more accurately and easily achieve your desired control objectives

Partner Products

  • Mimic by Mynah Technologies