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Basic configuration of a plant’s control system provides the foundation for all process control objectives. Advanced control applications are also necessary to optimize plant performance. However, developing, modifying and maintaining the applications that drive both basic and advanced control strategies are often complex, time-consuming tasks that, in many cases, do not fully maximize performance.

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Basic Control Templates

Our Basic Control Templates library was built for systems that use function block diagramming for control configuration. The library consists of powerful, time-tested, control strategies that allow consistent functionality and maintenance for reliable process operations. Our template library simplifies the task of building new points because every template has been built and tested.

Advanced Process Control (APC) Algorithms

Our APC algorithms include a number of different common applications that drive advanced process control strategies. They provide a vast improvement over standard algorithms that can at times be too aggressive for certain applications. ProSys’ APC algorithms are designed to prevent system upsets while still achieving the desired control objective and bringing up the level of optimization across the plant.

Some algorithms include:

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Specialized Control Functions

Smart PID Control Algorithm - developed to provide Proportional-Integral-Derivative (PID) feedback control with useful, unique features:

  • Non-interactive tuning constants
  • Adaptive feedback tuning
  • Control action deadband
  • Discontinuous integral action
  • Output unwinding action
  • Setpoint tracking
  • Incremental feedforward action
  • Configurable decoupling action
  • Optional equations for control response to setpoint change
  • "Soft" setpoint limits for bumpless return of SP to limit
  • "Soft" output limits for bumpless return of OP to limit
  • Adaptive gains
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