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Who is Your Alarm Management Champion?

Who is Your Alarm Management Champion?

Aug 12, 2017

Katherine Persac

Who is the alarm management champion at your site? Normally, operations is the alarm owner, but an operations person may not be the alarm management champion. A lot of alarm management projects go really well and for the first few weeks after the contractor leaves the site, your metrics are really good. Then, you add a new piece of equipment. Who does the alarm management for it? What system does it belong to and who knows the operating limits for the new piece of equipment? After a year of adding equipment and no one taking responsibility for the alarm management, your operators are getting more alarms. And two years later? Your plant manager thinks that alarm management was a waste of money. This is why it’s so important for someone at the site to take on the role of alarm management champion, and it should be well advertised. He should be known to everyone in controls, operations and all of the other alarm or boundary owners. It’s amazing how much difference one person can make. Do you have what it takes to be the champion at your site?

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