ProSys's consulting services can be categorized into these main areas:

  • Dynamic Alarm Management – providing a robust platform for managing abnormal and normal situations
  • Boundary Management – collecting and actively verifying that process boundaries are known and documented and that process controls and safeguards exist to maintain them
  • Human Machine Interface – designing the operator environment and interface to relieve fatigue and increase the clarity of the process
  • Advanced Control – optimizing plant operation to reduce variability, increase throughput, increase conversion and reduce off-spec or by-products
  • State Based Control – enabling an area of Automated Operating Disciplines for the control of continuous processes
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Additional Services Offered by ProSys

  • Study of existing plant operations or new construction PI&Ds
  • Perform detailed process operation analysis
  • Check installed regulatory database and provide loop check assistance
  • Tune basic regulatory control functions
  • PHA participation – control systems and alarm management input

Information Systems Consulting

  • Information system objectives specification
  • System hardware specification
  • Database definition / layout
  • Data transfer methodology and program specification
  • Program development
  • Operator display definition / construction
  • Program testing / implementation
  • Control system vision / specification

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