Company Overview

Improve your Control and Operator Performance

Control and operator performance expertise helps deliver operational certainty with improved run time, startups and shutdowns, increased quality and throughput. To compete in today’s markets, your team must continually find and implement process improvement. For many organizations, in-house staff is over allocated and expertise is stretched. Our experience covers the full range of modern control system technology including basic and advanced control, multivariable process control, dynamic configuration, procedure automation, alarm management, and operator interface design.

See improvements throughout your plant, whether in the chemical, petrochemical, refining, pulp and paper, or oil and gas industry.

Optimal Control for Safety, Reliability, and Profitability

Global process control consulting services and software deliver quality and on-time solutions in a collaborative environment that values open communication, creativity, integrity, and diversity of talent.  You can choose from a menu of options that optimize control. Emerson experts will:

  • Increase production
  • Reduce risk and increase safety
  • Increase operator efficiency and ease-of-use
  • Obtain stable plant operation
  • Reduce unplanned events and increase profits

Alarm Management

  • Dynamic Alarm Management Service provides a robust platform for managing abnormal and normal situations by eliminating alarm floods and meeting ISA 18.2 metrics.
  • Boundary Management Service collects and actively verifies that process boundaries are known and documented and that process controls and safeguards exist to maintain them.
  • AgileOps Alarm Management Software provides consistency and reliability by keeping the system optimally configured, including alarm system design, dynamic alarming and alarm shelving.
  • Dynamic Configuration Software is the most widely used real-time dynamic alarm management software worldwide for TPS/TDC3000®.

Operator Interface

  • Advanced Operator Graphics Service captures best practice philosophy and standards for use in the design and development of operator interface for your DCS.
  • Interface Dynamics Software is an advanced shape library and software that enables you to provide a clearer, more accurate, and more reliable view of the control system for your operators.

Basic and Advanced Control

  • Basic Control Service provides the foundation for all of your control objectives.
  • Advanced Control Service optimizes plant operation to reduce variability, increase through-put, increase conversion, and reduce off-spec of by-products.
  • State Based Control Service enables an area of automated operating disciplines for the control of continuous processes.
  • Control Dynamics Software are basic control templates and advanced algorithms that more accurately and easily achieve your desired control objectives.

Consulting Services

  • Advanced SRU Soft Sensor Service improves reliability and responsiveness of Claus combustion gas temperature representation through online prediction.
  • Controls Network Cybersecurity Service assists with mitigation, implementing role-based access, and installing patches and updates.