Company Overview

ProSys is the leading global provider of process control engineering services and solutions

ProSys provides global process control consulting services and software to the chemical, petrochemical, refining, pulp and paper and oil and gas industries. Our expertise and experience cover the full range of modern control system technology including basic control, advanced control, multivariable process control, dynamic configuration, state based control (also known as procedural automation), alarm management and operator interface. We can help you:

  • Increase production
  • Reduce risk and increase safety
  • Increase operator efficiency and ease-of-use
  • Obtain stable plant operation
  • Reduce unplanned events and increase profits

Our Story

The founder of ProSys, Leslie D. Jensen, was originally from Fort Dodge, Iowa and attended Iowa State University. In his final year of college, Les took the opportunity to visit Louisiana for an interview with ExxonMobil. Accepting the offer, he decided to stay and make it his forever home. After working for ExxonMobil, Les Jensen and an associate decided to branch out and form their own partnership. The partnership faded with time, and Les was left with the desire to own his own company. Hence, ProSys was formed in February of 1989. The name ProSys is an acronym for Process Systems, which represents our global approach to process operations and control. The concepts which support this approach have grown from the knowledge and insight gained during more than two decades of international consulting experience.

From the beginning, Les focused on providing his employees an atmosphere that inspired creativity in order to provide services to corporations across the world. ProSys was founded on the principals of Les’ favorite quote: 

 “What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly; it is dearness only that gives everything its value.” - Thomas Paine

The company expanded by forming a German subsidiary, ProSys GmbH, in 1991. ProSys completed its first successful dynamic alarm management project in 1990 and released the first commercially available dynamic alarm management software in 1995. In 1996, Dustin Beebe started as an Associate Engineer and was instrumental in developing our alarm shelving tool, Special Alarm Management (SAM). Most of the alarm management projects in the early years were centered in Europe. The United States was a little slower to catch on to the concept, but with the publication of EEMUA 191 in 1999 and the establishment of ISA 18.2 in 2003 and its publication in 2009, ProSys began to see a lot more interest stateside.

ProSys’ early dynamic alarm management and alarm shelving software was specifically for the Honeywell TDC™. In 2007, ProSys released AgileOps™, a dynamic alarm management software for any DCS that can communicate through an OPC connection. AgileOps™ is complete with alarm shelving and event reporting capability.

Les’ involvement in the management of the company began to diminish in 2003 as his interests led him elsewhere. This left Dustin Beebe, who had become Vice President and Director in 2000, and Katherine Persac, who was Director and Treasurer at the time, to manage the business. In August of 2009, Les retired and Dustin Beebe officially took over management of ProSys as President/CEO. Dustin created a General Advisory Board early on to help shape long term vision and planning. Since then, ProSys has continued to grow by expanding into the Middle East, adding employees in Houston and to our German office, becoming a Microsoft Partner and creating strategic alliances with other companies. ProSys opened a third office in Houston, TX in 2014 and relocated the German office in 2015. In 2016, our plans are to continue expanding as we add employees in each office and join with additional strategic partners.

ProSys Timeline

1976SPACE Prior to the establishment of ProSys, our interest in alarm management issues begin with our founder, Les Jensen.
1989ProSys is established.
ProSys releases the first commercial real-time dynamic alarm management software, Selective Alarm Suppression (SAS).
ProSys completes its first successful dynamic alarm management project.
1991ProSys GmbH forms.
1994ProSys develops a standard Native window sub picture library.
ProSys releases its second generation commercial real-time dynamic configuration software, Dynamic Configuration Software (DCS), with applications to alarm management and other areas, including startup, shutdown, etc.
ProSys presents on an alarm management project at the European Honeywell User Group in Nice, France.
1996 ProSys presents on alarm management philosophy and technology at the Abnormal Situation Management Consortium in Phoenix, AZ, USA.
1997ProSys releases its real-time alarm shelving software, Special Alarm Management (SAM).
ProSys presents on dynamic configuration of alarms at IEEE in London, England.
1998ProSys’ alarm management technological material is contributed to the EEMUA publication No.191 by BP, a multi-site user of ProSys services and technology.
1999EEMUA 191 is established.
2000Dustin Beebe elected Vice President, Director of ProSys.
2001ProSys presents on pitfalls of alarm rationalization and benchmarking at TAMU Process Safety Symposium in College Station, TX, USA.
2002ProSys releases PlantMC (predecessor to AgileOps), an integrated server-based enterprise application for documentation of current control system settings. 
ProSys releases Pro Controls library (predecessor of Interface Dynamics) for GUS.
2003ISA 18.2 is established.
2004ProSys releases Interface Dynamics v2 (IDv2) for Experion™.
2007ProSys relocates its Baton Rouge office.
ProSys releases AgileOps™, a complete dynamic alarm management software including a master alarm database, dynamic and shelving modules and alarm reporting.
2008ProSys releases human machine interface shape library, Interface Dynamics v3 (IDv3).
2009ISA 18.2 is published.
Dustin Beebe takes over as President/CEO of ProSys.
ProSys’ General Advisory Board is established.
2010ProSys expands projects into the Middle East.
ProSys celebrates 20th year.
2011ProSys GmbH celebrates 20th year.
2013ProSys expands operations and number of employees in Germany and Houston.
ProSys becomes Microsoft Silver Partner.
2014ProSys celebrates 25th year.
ProSys opens a new office in Houston, TX.
ProSys enters into strategic alliances with several other companies.
2015ProSys becomes Microsoft Gold Partner.
ProSys releases AgileOps v2.1, a new version of our dynamic alarm management software.
ProSys enhances our display library, Interface Dynamics v3 (IDv3), with overview displays for a superior operator experience.
ProSys is nominated for Project of the Year award by Petroleum Economist.
ProSys relocated European office from Burghausen to Cologne.
2016ProSys releases AgileOps v2.2.

Comprehensive, Proven Process Control Solutions

ProSys is focused on helping you gain maximum benefit and optimal control from modern control system technology. Our alarm management, control and interface philosophies have been implemented in sites worldwide and have been consistently and reliably achieving process operating objectives.

Our initial approach:

  • Study existing plant operation or new construction P&IDs
  • Perform detailed process operation analysis
  • Define basic operator interface, including graphic interface
  • Develop basic and advanced regulatory process control functions
  • Formulate supervisory (model-based/optimization) control functions
  • Check installed regulatory database and provide loop check assistance
  • Tune basic regulatory control functions
  • Implement advanced regulatory control functions
  • Perform process identification/develop parametric, step-response or equation-of-state models
  • Develop and implement supervisory control functions

Fully Committed to Your Success

ProSys’ success can be attributed to our group of talented, experienced and highly motivated employees who combine engineering and technical expertise with the ability to be dynamic, innovative team members and leaders. We are driven to provide quality and timely solutions to clients in a collaborative environment that values open communication, creativity, integrity and diversity.