Leverage Your Control System Platform for Maximum Potential

Take unprecedented command of your plant and control system to meet real business needs by earning more and spending less. Do all the things you wish process control had helped you do all along. It is dynamic plant management and control for the agile enterprise. AgileOps can autodiscover all of the points on your control system.

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AgileOps is the only complete alarm management solution and includes:

  • Master Alarm Database
  • Advanced Alarm Shelving
  • Dynamic Alarming
  • Alarm Metrics

AgileOps software was developed by Emerson's Control and Operator Performance and is compliant with API, RP1167, IEC62682 and ISA 18.2 standards. We guarantee that you will meet metrics when you couple AgileOps with our alarm rationalization services. Additionally, AgileOps can be paired with Interface Dynamics, our operator interface library, to further enhance operator safety, reliability and profitability. 

AgileOps is compatible with multiple control systems including Honeywell Experion® and TDC®, Emerson DeltaV®, Siemens PCS7® and Invensys Foxboro®, thus delivering a complete alarm management system for an entire site with one or multiple control system manufacturers.

Master Alarm Database

The Master Control System Database (MCSD) is a versatile tool that will allow you to view, modify and audit any accessible control system parameter. MCSD greatly enhances your ability to audit, rationalize and control by giving you a unified view of all control system settings that are dynamically managed, list managed, audited, notified or enforced.

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Advanced Alarm Shelving

The List Management (LM) module is more advanced than any other shelving tool on the market. It not only allows operators to shelve nuisance alarms, but also can shelve stale standing alarms automatically. LM offers the ability to restrict critical alarms from being shelved and can be set to re-enable after a set period of time or if the alarm is inactive. With the ability to restrict which alarms can be shelved, a reminder that the operator has alarms shelved and the ability for alarms to automatically un-shelve themselves, LM is the premier method to allow operators to shelve alarms. 


LM features include:

  • Exclusion/inclusion list
  • Simple right-click entry from Interface Dynamics v3
  • Entry validation – verifies roles and restricts multiple entries
  • Easy list configuration and management
  • Automatic shelving to remove stale alarms from the alarm summary
  • Automatic un-shelving based on an alarm being inactive and well-behaved, or using a fixed un-shelve timer
  • State-based shelving

LM can be used by multiple users with different control system responsibilities. Each type of user can have a different set of authorized privileges. See more information about Alarm Categorization, Auto-Bookkeeping, Automatic Shelving and Exclusion Lists on our product data sheet.

Dynamic Alarming

The dynamic management module (DM) allows you to change the alarm configuration depending on the operating states of each system. When the plant state changes, the alarm configuration should change with it. Having a static alarm configuration will only lead to alarm floods and operator overloading. DM allows the alarm configuration to change with the status of the plant, which includes small changes such as delay times between states or large changes such as full alarm configuration changes with multiple alarms suppressed during shutdown periods.

Video: Creating Dynamics Video: DM Timers 

Alarm Metrics - EventKPI

Event KPI (EKPI) allows the measurement, tracking and reporting of key performance indicators for events occurring in your facility. EKPI reports alarm metrics as a result of data analysis which it collects automatically from one or more control systems. Metrics can be analyzed by the minute, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or on a yearly basis. EKPI is designed as an enterprise application that provides the necessary detailed information from local unit personnel up through complex-wide and cross facility views for the enterprise.


In addition to the standard dashboards and reports, analyst users can create ad-hoc reports, generate new reports and publish them to all users. Standard users can trigger reports to be run automatically and emailed to them if certain criteria are met or on a pre-set schedule. Whether at your desk, on your iPad or on your mobile device, EKPI gives you the capability to monitor your alarm system performance, archive events or analyze detailed event data.

EKPI provides the metrics in line with the following guidelines, standards and regulations: EEMUA 191, ISA 18.2, API RP1167, 49CFR192.631 and 49CFR195.446.

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