A step change in Alarm Analysis and Reporting

Take control of your alarm reporting with AgileOps Module EventKPI. Finally, a truly robust and flexible BI (Business Intelligence) tool for process alarm management.

EventKPI can present any number of widgets to visualize your alarm data as you and your teams want to see it. Pick any combination of data over any timeframe to show exactly what you want to see the way you want to see it. Choose from a wide range of prebuilt dials, bar graphs, and charts or create your own. Leveraging the Micro-Strategy BI tool allows you, the industrial user, to take advantage of a huge user community.

A standard set of reports is available with AgileOps EventKPI. You can easily determine if you are meeting the metrics required by ISA-18.2 for any given time period. Additionally, there are some unique reports that you will not see from other suppliers.

AgileOps EventKPI is platform agnostic and can stand alone. With AgileOps EventKPI you can connect to any DCS and have multiple DCS connections to multiple vendors DCS’s at the same time. This gives operations and management a coherent and single version of the truth – alarm performance across all DCS’s and plant processes.

Once you learn to use EventKPI you will be creating your own custom reports. See them live on the system from your browser. Send pdf versions to any person or groups in your company. Email them on a schedule or on demand. Send text messages with reports attached at any time, on a schedule or triggered by an event. The reports are interactive which means you do not have to go online to drill down for more details. The details you want to see when you want to see them relieving the user from doing more work.

Event Reporting

EventKPI (EKPI) allows the measurement, tracking and reporting of key performance indicators for events occurring in your facility. EKPI reports alarm metrics as a result of data analysis which it collects automatically from one or more control systems. Metrics can be analyzed by the minute, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or on a yearly basis. EKPI is designed as an enterprise application that provides the necessary detailed information from local unit personnel up through complex-wide and cross facility views for the enterprise.

In addition to the standard dashboards and reports, analyst users can create ad-hoc reports, generate new reports and publish them to all users. Standard users can trigger reports to be run automatically and emailed to them if certain criteria are met or on a pre-set schedule. Whether at your desk, on your iPad or on your mobile device, EKPI gives you the capability to monitor your alarm system performance, archive events or analyze detailed event data.

EKPI provides the metrics in line with the following guidelines, standards and regulations: EEMUA 191, ISA 18.2, API RP1167, 49CFR192.631 and 49CFR195.446.

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