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My First Trip to a Refinery

Anais Lowe

During my internship at ProSys, I was able to work on a project for a large refinery in the Baton Rouge area. This gave me the opportunity to visit a refinery for the first time. Beforehand, I had only seen refineries from a distance, and I certainly did not realize just how big they actually are. On arriving, my ProSys colleagues pointed out the different parts of the refinery. As I looked around and took it all in, I was truly amazed by the many different types of equipment. It was interesting to finally see the equipment in person that I had only read about while working in the office. Overall, my first trip to a refinery was informational and thrilling.

In addition to visiting a refinery, I learned a lot during my summer internship with ProSys. I was given the responsibility of sorting through many documents and then reconciling the information found from the sources. While sorting through this information, I was able to learn about many processes that take place within a refinery and how different pieces of the equipment operate. I also learned many shortcuts and formulas, such as index matches, to easily transfer large amounts of information in excel. A really exciting project included designing the Ops Limits boundary pop-ups in VB editor that will be used in a Baton Rouge refinery during future rationalizations.

I am very thankful for my internship opportunity at ProSys. I was able to work with a great group of engineers who were extremely helpful and very knowledgeable about their work. I thoroughly enjoyed coming to work every day because it challenged me, and I enjoyed the ProSys atmosphere. I am confident that this experience will benefit me as I move forward with my career. Interested in interning at ProSys?

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