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Emerson Exchange 2017 Recap

Emerson Exchange 2017 Recap

John Veldhuis 

Last week, my wife and I ventured out to Minneapolis, Minnesota for the Emerson Exchange. If you’ve never attended, it’s an annual conference highlighting the latest in Emerson technology and a networking event for end-users with local business partners. As a first-time attendee to the conference and visitor of the city, there were plenty to see and experience.

Of the conference sessions I attended, many were focused on safety and how to best leverage the core DeltaV functionality. New features of the DeltaV system as it relates to alarm suppression and enhancements to the power of the controller for procedure automation/state based control were good steps forward in additional value to end-users.

  • “Online Prediction of Claus Combustion Temperatures” was a solid paper delivered by our own Eddie Lane. This paper illustrated our history in knowing how to best design a control strategy and understanding the fundamentals of the Claus Combustion chamber and measurement devices.
  • “Everything is alarming! Implementing Alarm Management at McClean Lake” – this presentation was powerful as the presenter outlined how they needed to rethink alarm management, as they struggled to get their staff to understand the importance and how to best operate once they clean up the immense # of alarms ringing in the control room. This site is having to take a slow approach and is using the alarm management rationalization meetings to get all of their staff on-board and bought-in to the changes and improvements. Unsure how many companies would be willing to take 2 years to complete an alarm rationalization and invest that much time during the process.
  • “Procedural Automation for Continuous Processes” presented by Dustin Beebe, our CEO, was a great explanation of the new ISA 106 guideline. This also illustrated how ensuring consistency in the approach of state based control is important to both knowledge capture and achieving a supportable design going forward. ISA 106 aligns well with DeltaV’s database structure.

The exhibit area was extensive with vendors, alliance partners and Emerson booths. The event was setup to drive excellent networking opportunities and education to participants in the exhibit area. We had good traffic of participants and many stopped by to see our AgileOps™ software as alarm floods are still a very common problem. Many end-users are also struggling with the resource time invested for alarm rationalization, so the discussion of ProSys’ technique for Dynamic Pre-Alarm Rationalization was a hot topic.

Even though Minneapolis was windy, wet at times and slightly cool – the Convention Center was a good location with many hotels and restaurants to choose from. My wife enjoyed the bike rentals downtown and ended up making a handful of friends with other spouses biking down to the Mississippi River. This also solidified that we will be headed to Emerson Exchange in 2018 in San Antonio so we can meet up with the same friends.

If you’re interested in a copy of our presentations drop us a line and we would be happy to forward it to you.