Product Data Sheet

Event KPI (EKPI)

Event KPI (EKPI) allows the measurement, tracking and reporting of key performance indicators for events occurring in your facility. EKPI reports alarm metrics as a result of data analysis which it collects automatically from one or more control systems. Metrics can be analyzed by the minute, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or on a yearly basis. EKPI is designed as an enterprise application that provides the necessary detailed information from local unit personnel up through complex-wide and cross facility views for the enterprise.

In addition to the standard dashboards and reports, analyst users can create ad-hoc reports, generate new reports and publish them to all users. Standard users can trigger reports to be run automatically and emailed to them if certain criteria are met or on a pre-set schedule.

EKPI provides the necessary information to document and support improvements of Alarm Management, risk reduction and human factor management for HSE and benchmarking. Additionally, these reports can be helpful for  organizations focused on Six-Sigma or other  continual improvement methodology.



In today’s highly competitive environment, where companies need ready-to-deploy, powerful solutions to incorporate business intelligence (BI) into their enterprise portals, EKPI web portions assure seamless integration with Microsoft SharePoint corporate portals. The web portions also transparently integrate and communicate out-of-the-box with SharePoint functionality including Tasks and Discussions.

A typical Microsoft SharePoint portal includes a number of web portions that visually consolidate content from multiple sources and display it all together on a single page. This mechanism allows decision makers to make informed and effective decisions by viewing pertinent information from all relevant angles. An example portal application with AgileOps web parts can allow users to:

  • View and interact with personalized information, utilizing corporate access privileges related to their job function, along with other relevant information on the same portal page
  • Interact with, analyze and highlight critical Event KPI data through charts, grids, heat maps and other visualizations transparently across web parts
  • Collaborate with colleagues by creating alarm management tasks and starting discussions whenever action items need to be defined
  • Add a scorecard or combine with an existing scorecard alarm management and operations excellence KPIs
  • Create a workflow where the cause is investigated and the action is taken in diff erent web parts on the same page

Whether at your desk, on your iPad or on your mobile device, EKPI gives you the capability to monitor your alarm system performance, archive events or analyze detailed event data. 

EKPI provides the metrics in line with the following guidelines, standards and regulations: EEMUA 191, ISA 18.2, API RP1167, 49CFR192.631 and 49CFR195.446.