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It’s Heating Up in Alarm Management

Brandi Narez

As we get primed and ready for summer 2016, it’s time to take a look at some of the alarm management industry standards spring spruce up. Recently, the ISA18 committee published an updated version of the standard approved by the American National Standards Institute as ANSI/ISA-18.2-2016.

When the original Standard was published in 2009, ProSys relied on its 19 years of experience in alarm management prior to the Standard to solidify themselves as the experts at understanding both its content and impact on the industry. 

The recently revised Standard published last month did not change the basic philosophy or requirements. The lifecycle stages, which form the heart of the standard, remain unchanged. The majority of the changes will impact control systems and packaged systems providers. Most industrial companies, consultants, and engineering contractors will find that little has changed that will impact their practices. There are a few additional requirements concerning the highly managed alarm class, and some additional content required in the alarm philosophy.

Considered the alarm management gurus, ProSys works with this Standard each day. We released our first alarm management software in 1990 -- long before others were interested! What really matters is that we know how to get you to compliance with 18.2. Check out ProSys’ Tom Nolan’s first blog in a series Compliance with ISA 18.2 is Easier Than You Think and More Beneficial Than You Can Imagine or dive even deeper with ProSys Darwin Legerot's white paper, Alarm Classification Recommendations - Simplifying Control: An update to ISA 18.2-2016 Alarm Management Lifecycle.

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