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My ProSys Internship

My ProSys Internship

Amanda Jenkins

Throughout my time as an intern at ProSys, I have learned many new skills that will be beneficial to my success as a Chemical Engineer. Specifically, I have been learning about the numerous steps that go into alarm rationalization. I worked on the dynamic and logic parts of building the alarm control system while developing new skills with programs like Excel and HMI Web Builder. I thought I knew a lot about Excel before coming to ProSys; however, I realized I had only learned a fraction of what the program can really do.

Dynamic Alarm Management allows the operator to change the alarm configuration when switching processes. During startup, shutdown, or a process failure, the alarm control system helps sort the high priority alarms from the unnecessary ones. Case Logic is designed based on different parameters to determine the operating mode of the system.

In the control room, the operators use displays of the process that have alarms flashing different colors based on their priority. I assisted with the redesign of some displays using HMI Web Builder. This allows operators to locate the flashing alarms easily from the displays instead of looking at an alarm summary.

I feel the skills and knowledge I have gained during my summer internship at ProSys will give me an upper hand in my final classes at LSU. I am very thankful to have the opportunity to work beside such helpful engineers and I feel more confident on how to apply the information I have learned in school to real-life situations. I am excited to use my experience at ProSys in my future career! Interested in interning at ProSys?

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