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Operator Fatigue During the Holiday Season

Operator Fatigue During the Holiday Season

Brandi Narez

If you live in South Louisiana, you’re very likely to know someone in the “plant” business. Maybe it’s your dad, your uncle, your sister or so on. When night shift rolls around, the guys are pumped up about the special pot of gumbo that Jay made for the holidays. Now, they are thinking and looking forward to getting time off to spend with their families and friends. 

This time of year can be a very distractive time for all employees, including operators, plant personnel, etc. There are extra personal activities causing everyone to get less sleep than normal. With their minds off of the task at hand, accidents can happen. We should recognize that this is infinitely important to everyone in the surrounding area of the plant. And even if they are paying close attention, operator fatigue can set in. Let’s admit it – we all know someone who has talked about falling asleep on the job. I’ve found people sleeping in their office chairs. With the dim lighting of a control room on a quiet night, it can happen. Especially if you have good alarm management and alarms aren't constantly chattering.

An operator holds a key part in keeping us all safe. He needs reliable tools – and his boss needs profitability. A good operator interface and alarm management can help with both. Stay safe this holiday season and enjoy your time with family and friends!

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