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ProSys Introduces AgileOps v2.1 to Simplify Dynamic Plant Management and Control Solutions

New release makes it easy to modify, view and create consistent plans for process management

ProSys, a leading global provider in dynamic alarm management, today launched enhancements to the company’s flagship software, AgileOps v2.1, the industry’s first truly unified process control execution environment. AgileOps continues to merge process applications and systems, eliminating the DCS silos, creating a cohesive process management solution. This update proves the continued development and design of powerful, flexible server based platforms, allowing customers to take unprecedented command of their systems.

ProSys development engineers focused on modifying these key functionalities in the latest release resulting in enhanced performance, ease-of-use and customer satisfaction:

  • Elevated performance – AgileOps’ updated version significantly improves performance for a high volume of devices by allowing the user to select a set of devices and apply parameters to the entire root creating an optimized experience, both in product response and less network traffic for the user.
  • Increased control for boundaries and priorities – Enhanced functionality creates a designable site-wide priority matrix, newly integrated with boundaries to provide for suggested priorities, increasing efficiency of boundary and priority planning.
  • Improved interface design – AgileOps’ latest release increases filtering functionality, design consistency such as fonts, larger responsive design window sizes and similar colors that allow the operator to focus on the process.
  • Expanded automatic adjustments – Devices, alarms and all related entities are automatically configured in the MCSD (Master Control System Database).
  • Enhanced detection – The 2.1 release enhances handling error messages which aids the operator to focus on key alarms or issues that occur.

“We work diligently every day to simplify the process control execution environment for our customers. Helping our customers to spend less money, while increasing safety at their facilities is what drives our development. We take safety and reliability seriously. Our customers inspire ideas that we can put into action, providing the best platform for alarm management. Providing a complete alarm management solution that is easy to use on any DCS platform is our specialty -- and we’re proud of the AgileOps v2.1 release,” said Dustin Beebe, CEO of ProSys.

About AgileOps

AgileOps is the industry’s first truly unified process control execution environment. It allows the user to take unprecedented command of their plant and control systems to meet real business needs. This innovative solution unifies control of multiple application modules through a single interface and gives the user broad functional capabilities through a series of optional application modules. It’s also a collaborative, multi-user interface that improves ease of use, lowers training costs and eliminates redundant data entry across multiple systems. The integrated server delivers breakthrough benefits that save time, conserve resources and eliminate redundancies.

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About ProSys

ProSys delivers high-quality, cost-effective, innovative process control systems consulting services and product solutions to the international refining and chemical industries. ProSys’ expertise and experience cover the full range of modern control system technology, including basic control, advanced regulatory control, procedural automation, alarm management, optimization and multivariable control.

For more information contact Brandi Narez, Marketing Manager,, 225.291.9591.

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