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ProSys & User Centered Design Services, Inc. Partner

ProSys, a leading global provider in dynamic alarm management, and User Centered Design Services, Inc. (UCDS), a leading consultant in control room human factors announce a new partnership. This partnership will provide a unique opportunity to develop an operator training certification. By combining the expertise of UCDS, ProSys, and Mynah’s Mimic Simulation, this partnership will be beneficial to the overall process of operator training everywhere. Together, we will certify the participants with the ability to operate their plant safely, reliably and efficiently.

Michael T Barrett, Strategic Planning Director spoke about the new partnership,

 "One of our strategic goals is to increase the value we provide to operating companies who are rebuilding their work force due to shifting demographics. We are excited about the partnership with UCDS as it provides an integrated services portfolio. This joint capability is designed to raise the competency of process operators and to meet the ISA standards for Alarm Management and Human Factors.  Now ProSys and UCDS bring a world class approach to control rooms, operating philosophies and alarm management with this joint partnership."

About User Centered Design Services, Inc.

User Centered Design Services, Inc. (UCSD) is a consulting company focused on Operational Excellence. UCSD is recognized as world leaders in human factors and situation awareness through the ergonomic design of control buildings, console design, HMI graphic design, and alarm management.  The base of the designs are focused around operator’s needs and the overall work flow of the organization. For more information, visit

About ProSys

ProSys, Inc. delivers high-quality, cost-effective, innovative process control systems consulting services and product solutions to the international refining and chemical industries. ProSys’ expertise and experience cover the full range of modern control system technology, including basic control, advanced control, procedure automation, alarm management, optimization and the documentation and maintenance of the system configuration.

For more information contact Brandi Narez, Marketing Manager,, 225.291.9591.

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