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ProSys Alarm Management Project Finalist for Project of the Year Award

Petroleum Economist recognizes alarm management project at Lake Charles, Louisiana, USA refinery for their efficiency, reliability and safety

ProSys, a leading global provider in dynamic alarm management, announced today its selection as a finalist in the Project of the Year Award in the prestigious Petroleum Economics magazine for its excellence in alarm management, reducing the client’s stale alarm count by 94%.

ProSys’ team of alarm management engineering experts utilized our in-house knowledge of Honeywell® TDC3000, in addition to our expertise in refinery processes implemented the alarm management recommendations via our Dynamic Configuration Software (DCS) on Local Control Networks (LCNs) at the Louisiana refinery. By preparing the client with appropriate notes and justification of our recommendations, the customer’s staff time was significantly reduced, allowing them to focus on other matters in the plant and to streamline the alarm management process.

ProSys’ Project of the Year submission required reporting four key items for the successful project.

  • Excellence & ingenuity - ProSys reduced the client’s stale alarm count of over 1,000 alarms across 14,000 I/O (input and output) in the refinery down to less than 60, which surpassed the ISA 18.2 Alarm Management Standard metric limits, and completing the project before the deadline of January 2015.
  • Sustainability & careful consideration of environmental issues - Surpassing the client’s expectations of the team’s attention to detail throughout the project, all alarm recommendations made were within environmental limits and aligned with the client’s corporate standards, tying into sustainability measures.
  • Best approach to health & safety - The team also examined the client’s Instrument Safety Systems (ISS) for any discrepancies of missing alarms regarding health and safety concerns due to unapproved or undocumented control system changes.
  • Meeting budget and time constraints - ProSys’ technical lead and project manager ensured that ProSys provided enough manpower (six supporting engineers in all) to review all the material and that the client stayed the course of the schedule they set for themselves.

“Our engineers work every day to simplify process control and develop improvements that drive alarm management with cutting edge ideas and implementation. We know we are the example that others in the industry follow for alarm management innovations and we are thrilled to be recognized as a top nominee for our globally recognized Project of the Year,” said Dustin Beebe, CEO of ProSys.

ProSys’ team will travel to London for the award ceremony and announcement of winners in London on September 17.

About ProSys

ProSys delivers high-quality, cost-effective, innovative process control systems consulting services and product solutions to the international refining and chemical industries. ProSys’ expertise and experience cover the full range of modern control system technology, including basic control, advanced regulatory control, procedural automation, alarm management, optimization and multivariable control.

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