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ProSys Introduces AgileOps v2.2 - Intelligent, Dynamic Alarm Management Software

AgileOps v2.2 Supports Operators Worldwide with a Safe, Reliable and Profitable Tool that Follows ANSI/ISA 18.2-2016 and IEC 62682 standards


ProSys announced the roll-out of the company’s flagship software, AgileOps v2.2, the industry’s first dynamic alarm management software on the heels of the ANSI/ISA 18.2-2016 release. ProSys continues to empower their customers with dominant, flexible server-based platforms that eliminate outdated silos between multiple product solutions within operations - for any control system on industrial applications worldwide.

AgileOps now supports a native interface to the Foxboro® system without using OPC. The Foxboro connection gets real-time data to support the dynamic management of alarms, operator alarm shelving and the master alarm database. This allows Foxboro users to stop alarm floods and meet ISA 18.2 metrics and joins AgileOps’ other available connections for DeltaV®, Experion® and PCS7®.

Other key deliverables included:

  • Contention Management – Enforce, shelve and dynamically manage your alarms with no worries about combinatorial logic; Contention Management allows all actives to be completed without getting an audit report full of exceptions for known activities
  • Dynamic Changes – Intuitive functionalities and feedback were added to provide synergies between applications
  • Enforcement – Auditing flexibility tool for approved values from MCSD (Master Control System Database) to the control system
  • Efficient Operations
    • Now alarm templates can easily be moved between connections and machines
    • Filters can now be imported and exported
  • EventKPI Customizations – Customization for multiple deployments (Corporate LAN, Control System LAN, etc.)

With each release of AgileOps the overall look and functionalities are upgraded with feedback from users, developers and process engineers that translate into cost savings, increased efficiency, optimization of resources and operator focus, therefore increasing safety, reliability and profitable for the manufacturers and producers.

“We are confident that we are the only provider in the industry meeting the need for a true unified Alarm Management solution, even in complex situations,” said Dustin Beebe, ProSys CEO. “Our focus is to lead industry with state-of-the-art solutions that meet standards such as ANSI/ISA 18.2 and IEC62682, driving safer plants, more efficient operations and higher process reliability.”

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About AgileOps

AgileOps is the industry’s first truly unified process control execution environment. It allows the user to take unprecedented command of their plant and control systems to meet real business needs. This innovative solution unifies control of multiple application modules through a single interface and gives the user broad functional capabilities through a series of optional application modules. It’s also a collaborative, multi-user interface that improves ease of use, lowers training costs and eliminates redundant data entry across multiple systems. The integrated server delivers breakthrough benefits that save time, conserve resources and eliminate redundancies.

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About ProSys

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