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TBT: Part 2 - Too Much of a Good Thing? Alarm Management Experience in BP Oil

Katherine Persac

In 1996, ProSys presented Dynamic Configuration Software (DCS), one of our first dynamic alarm management software solutions, to BP. Later that year, we went on to complete a dynamic alarm management trial at the Grangemouth Refinery. BP employees Donald Campbell-Brown, a Process Control Engineer with the BP Oil Technology Network and Manus O’Donnell a Process Systems Technician at BP Oil Grangemouth Refinery put together a two-part paper, the second of which focused on the ProSys software trial at the BP Grangemouth site. 

The paper points out, as ISA 18.2 does, that alarm management does not stop after the initial project is complete. Alarm management is a living process that must be nurtured and cannot be ignored without consequence of degradation. After this trial, ProSys went on to do alarm management projects at many other sites and 20 years later, it is still a large part of our business. 

Part 2: Implementation of Alarm Management at Grangemouth Refinery

Donald Campbell Brown and Manus O’Donnell


This paper reports on the recent BP trial of the ProSys Dynamic Configuration Software at Grangemouth Refinery. Key elements of this project to reduce alarm flooding on the Catalytic Reformer are described, from identification of the problem and process/operation design, through applications design and implement to testing commissioning. The impact of the software is demonstrated, using data captured from real plant trips.

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