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The Apprentice: ProSys Edition

Stephen Reilly

English philosopher, historian, and archaeologist, Robin G. Collingwood, once proclaimed, “A man ceases to be a beginner in any given science and becomes a master in that science when he has learned that he is going to be a beginner all his life.”

While I only came across that quote earlier today, I recognized an undercurrent to ProSys’ work style that resonates with it. For most of the past four years that I have worked for ProSys, I’ve contributed to a number of projects that a senior engineer led. For the alarm rationalization phase, I assisted Darwin Logerot, and then for the software implementation phase, I worked under our CEO, Dustin Beebe, for most of them. With each project, they let me handle more and more of the work’s components, allowing me the freedom to make some novice mistakes (in the office and not the actual control room, of course!) and providing the patience and understanding in thoroughly answering the litany of questions I have had throughout the years.

With their guidance to fall back on, I’ve had an exciting past few weeks, as I just completed a project where I was the senior engineer for a change. Together with a junior engineer I recently installed Dynamic Configuration Software for a client up in the northern part of Louisiana last week. We spent a few weeks in our respective offices (Baton Rouge and Houston) setting up all the installation files. As a first-time technical lead, it was a neat challenge for me, recalling my own efforts the first time I worked on an alarm management project. While the procedure is certainly a daunting one to implement the first time around, I took pride in witnessing this junior engineer nail down various commands and keystrokes that are specific to the Honeywell TDC3000™ system by the week’s end onsite. We certainly developed an understanding of each other’s personalities, and although I may be the master to his apprentice, I know I am truly still a beginner with all that I am doing.

So overall, working at ProSys has been an encouraging work environment under which to grow and a unique ecosystem to which to contribute. Many of my colleagues work in similar engineering pairs, and

Engineering Services Manager, Karelys Harleaux notes– "Our mentorship program, which involves partnering junior engineers with more experienced engineers, offers exciting opportunities to learn about best industry practices, project execution, and customer interaction hands-on. This approach encourages junior engineers to have an active role in projects early on and empowers them to potentially make significant contributions within a few months."

Speaking of working at ProSys, did you know we’re looking to fill out our various employment opportunities? If ProSys sounds like the right fit for you, we definitely want to hear from you!