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The Pre-Rationalized Approach (For Your Convenience)

The Pre-Rationalized Approach (For Your Convenience)

Stephen Reilly

We take pride in not only maximizing your plant’s safety and production but your engineers’ and operators’ time and enthusiasm for the alarm management life-cycle and its detail-intensive procedure!

When a process unit is capable of having hundreds if not thousands of alarms in its control system, the alarm management team has to comb through a multitude of supplemental information to identify potential alarms contained in records such as operator manuals, Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) / Layer of Protection Analysis (LOPA) reports, Safety Instrumented System (SIS) documentation and Piping & Instrumentation Diagrams (P&IDs).

This could require months of your employees’ time and attention, but delegating this responsibility to ProSys consequently allows us to more efficiently generate operating alarm boundaries, some of which can be agreed upon by the alarm management team ahead of the rationalization meetings.

Allowing ProSys’s expertise to work ahead, we can also generate initial dynamic case logic and alarm suppression settings by dividing process measurements into appropriate groups and reviewing each’s alarms holistically.

With this approach, your Management Of Change (MOC) paperwork could be ready by the end of the rationalization meetings, where our work is reviewed, revised, and approved of by the team, and your implementation could be soon underway!

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