Optimize Your Process

We recognize that control systems are more than just a collection of PID-algorithm control loops. Advanced control can help your plant optimize its performance by increasing throughput, increasing conversion, increasing on spec product, and reducing by-product. 

Some of the other plant improvements to maximize profit include:

  • Helping site management and engineering focus on optimizing process operations 100% of the time
  • Determine economic optimum
  • Determine optimal setpoints
  • Process issues such as complex multi-input, multi-output relationships, operating constraints, nonlinear dynamics, and frequently changing targets

Advanced Control Methods

The goal of APC is to operate the unit from minute to minute for maximum profit, so allow us to maximize your plant. No matter the size of your company, our consultants can aid in the following advanced control services to ensure that you complete your advanced control projects on schedule.

State-Based Control and Other APC Methods

  • Application objective definition
  • Process analysis and P&ID review
  • Sequence control programming
  • Application implementation

Custom Control Applications

  • Program design and assembly
  • Program testing and implementation

Model-Predictive / Multivariable Control (MVC)

  • Process / benefit analysis
  • Constraint identification
  • Manipulated and controlled variable definition
  • Step-testing
  • Process identification
  • Model configuration and implementation
  • Post-implementation model updates and operator training

Control Dynamics

Control Dynamics is a complete software solution that includes basic control templates and Advanced Process Control (APC) algorithms. Through these two powerful modules, operators and engineers can take advantage of a wide variety of pre-designed and tested solutions to maximize plant performance more easily and efficiently.

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