Ahead of the Game: Dynamic Pre-Rationalization™

Savings: 163 or 60% total project man-hours

Our customers are rewarded with an effective full Dynamic Pre-Rationalization™ for consistent alarm management. Start off with the proper ground work of an efficient process. Every project begins with a review or development of an Alarm Management Philosophy Document and continues with an up-front review of the database, and continues with systems, boundaries and case logic. Using the Dynamic Pre-Rationalization™ process, we will fully and dynamically rationalize each point for results that meet ISA 18.2 metrics while saving the customer hours and hours of rationalization time.

We are sensitive to the limited availability of process engineering personnel in many plants. We have developed a process to speed the rationalization process to about three (3) times typical rationalization rates. This optional process allows our experienced process engineers to go through the rationalization process, rationalizing all alarms in our office. Our engineers will then deliver preliminary results and review them with plant operations and process engineers. Using the Dynamic Pre-Rationalization approach, your Management of Change (MOC) paperwork can be ready to go by the end of the rationalization review meetings. This process reduces the time requirement for plant personnel by about 60% over standard rationalization meetings.

Eliminate Alarm Floods

Distributed Control Systems have contributed to industry’s alarm management problems, so much so that the resulting information overload, aka “alarm floods”, has often been cited by the U.S. Chemical Safety Board (CSB) and others as a significant cause of process incidents. Trying to handle and prevent these alarm floods from occurring on your own is difficult, even with a “map” like ISA 18.2!

So why not let us, the established leader in the alarm management industry since 1990, navigate you down the road to great alarm management and provide a robust solution for handling all operating states?

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Accurate Alarm Management

Whether your DCS has been in operation for 30 years or is just going live, we’ve got you covered.

  • Configure alarms in your DCS that are truly ACCURATE and understood by everyone 
  • Avoid common pitfalls and misconceptions about alarm management that hinder the process 
  • Incorporate dynamic alarm management so that your system will only annunciate alarms when necessary 
  • Improve troubleshooting information at the operator’s fingertips 
  • Train operations and engineering staff on developing future process alarms and maintaining current alarm settings 
  • Maximize the safety of your plant operations 


The only complete alarm management solution

AgileOps is the industry’s first truly unified and complete alarm management execution environment. Take unprecedented command of your plant and alarm system to meet real business needs by earning more and spending less. Do all of the things you wish process control had helped you do all along. It is dynamic alarm management and control for the agile enterprise, which includes:

  • Master Alarm Database
  • Advanced Alarm Shelving
  • Dynamic Alarming
  • Alarm Metrics

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Dynamic Configuration Software

TDC3000® compatible alarm management

First released in 1995, Dynamic Configuration Software (DCS) has become the most widely used real-time dynamic alarm management software worldwide. DCS consists of five independent but compatible software modules and Special Alarm Management (SAM).

These modules provide the capability to manipulate any alarm point parameter, releasing the power of your TPS / TDC3000 system and giving you complete control of alarm annunciation. Further, each alarm can be managed on a Full-Cycle basis to re-enable when they are clear of any alarm condition or when reminding (re-alarming) is desired.

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