Basic Control Services

A sound basic control system configuration will provide a profitable baseline for operation and enhance your return on investment in higher-level process controls. In order to help you establish this sound foundation, we offer flexible and affordable solutions. Our attention to detail ensures faultless implementation, from initial P&ID review to Start-up Assistance.

Our basic control consulting services include:

  • Control function definition and P&ID review
  • Controller configuration and programming
  • Database definition, layout and loading
  • Data transfer methodology and program specification
  • Detailed process operation analysis
  • Information system objectives specification
  • Installed regulatory database assistance
  • PHA/HAZOP participation – control systems and alarm management input
  • Program development
  • Program testing / implementation
  • System hardware specification
  • Start-up assistance and control loop tuning
  • Study of existing plant operations or new construction PI&Ds
  • Tune basic regulatory control functions

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy has been used to implement effective process control systems which distribute the control functions in a hierarchical structure. The basic regulatory controls serve as the foundation of the system. Their ability to work in an automatic mode is not dependent in any way upon the condition of any advanced or higher-level control. Advanced regulatory control functions assist the operator by responding to changes in feedstocks or operating conditions. These controls attain their objectives by resetting appropriate parameters in corresponding basic regulatory controls. Supervisory control functions normally reset parameters in corresponding advanced regulatory controls.

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