Operator Displays

Operator awareness of the process is critical to plant safety and performance. As such, the design of the operator’s environment is also critical. Our graphics tackle many common issues to ensure that the graphics are logical, intuitive, clear and easy to use using today’s technology.


We have developed a human-machine interface (HMI) library that supports operator goals for:

  • Process displays
  • Historical trends and data
  • Operator data
  • Event notification
  • On-demand information
  • Control system data

HMI Consulting Services

  • Data collection
  • P&ID reconciliation
  • Display philosophy development
  • Display design and sketching
  • Display drafting
  • Display testing
  • Display implementation
  • Operator and engineer training

Interface Dynamics v3

Interface Dynamics is a human-machine interface (HMI) shape library that was developed to provide operators with a clean, reliable interface. This allows the plant to operate safely by resolving plant problems quickly and efficiently by identifying areas of operation that are deviating from desired values and encourage operator response. 

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