Authentic Plant Scenarios

ProSys can develop and engineer common failure scenarios for plant equipment simulators. This adds additional value in training users on simulators as operators are able to be tested and scored on how well they respond to specific situations that may arise in their particular facility.

We see the following common reasons for operating training scenarios:

  • As operating workforces get older, experienced operators retire
  • As maintenance gets better and mean time between failures (MTBF) reduces on equipment
  • As systems become progressively more automated, the board operators become less skilled with handling failures. This is either because they do not have the experience to handle the failures or the failures are less frequent so it is not a common occurrence

ProSys provides initial scenarios and the review and recommendation of additional scenarios based on the plant.  

Operator Scenarios for MYNAH Simulation

ProSys can assist you in developing training scenarios that are specific to your operating processes. These training materials often include:

  • Process Overview Training
  • Process System Training
  • Console Strategy Training

ProSys and MYNAH’s process is a proven methodology. It incorporates several review steps to ensure that the training scenarios meet the appropriate standards of quality and content.

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